Targi: Die Erweiterung Review

Targi is one of my favourite two-player games. Last year the expansion for the game came out, cleverly called Targi: Die Erweiterung, or The Expansion. I’m not always fond of expansions and I have very few games that I play that much to justify buying new content. Sometimes I make an exception for those games I really, really like.



So, I bought the expansion and it did exactly what I think an expansion should do, change the game just very slightly. I don’t like those expansion that scream ‘Hello, here’s a whole new game you have to learn with the components of the old game!’. If I wanted to play a new game, I would have bought one. I liked the base game, that’s why I wanted more content, don’t mess with the concepts.



The expansion for Targi adds a couple of things. It adds new tribe cards, it adds water tokens, it adds a targia pawn, it adds sand dunes on the side, it adds new edge cards that match the new concepts better or tweak the old cards slightly, and, lastly, it adds some new good cards, so you’ll be able to get water if you like to.



The water can be used as a separate good or they can be exchanged for gold or another good if you collected enough. The new tribe cards have a bit more text on them, but they also add some cool stuff. They add abilities. Abilities you trigger once you placed them in your tableau, abilities that you can trigger once throughout the game and some new cards give you the option to pay extra goods to get extra point tokens.

The targia pawn moves in the other direction from one edge card to the other and if you place one of your own pawns on the card containing the targia pawn, you’ll get a bonus good.

The sand dune cards, there are three or fewer next to the board, are basically places where you can place your own pawns. These actions are very good, but it also means that you have at least two fewer things to do on the main board.




Basically there are only three new elements to the game and all three don’t really change the rules a whole lot. The targia pawn just gives an incentive to go to that spot, water just gives you some extra space to move around in, goods-wise that is, and the sand dunes are cool, but after use a sand dune card is removed and these cards are only replaced when there are none left or when the robber reaches the corners of the board. This means that you will not have a choice of three sand dune card at all time, so these cards will be used sparsely.

The new tribe cards have, on average, a bit more text on them and that means you spend a little more time reading the new cards before a round begins, but they also bring some new elements into the game. I like the one-off ability token. You can use the ability once, but you can choose the moment yourself. Again, this doesn’t sound very special or cool. And it basically isn’t, however, it adds just enough shine to a game that I already like. It’s like replacing just an old button on your blouse with a new shiny red one. It doesn’t seem like it would make a big difference, but for some people it does. ‘Did you change your hair?’ ‘Got a tan?’ ‘Something is different about you…’

That is how a feel about this expansion. It doesn’t change the game much, it doesn’t look that special, and it basically isn’t, but it adds just enough. It feels fresh again.

A nice expansion. It fixes nothing, it doesn’t make the game better, but also not worse. Targi is a great game with or without Targia, but for the fans I would recommend it.



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