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Earlier I shared my thoughts on the excellent dice roller from Granna games called CV. There’s a small expansion for this game, which adds a whole lot of Gossip to your life. Is it worth checking out? Here’s a short review. 






What the Gossip expansion brings to CV is a couple of cards and some tokens. Nothing more. Twenty six cards, 12 fate cards, 12 gossip cards and 2 new goals. These two new types of cards are simply explained. Gossip cards are nice pink cards that, like the cards from the base game can be bought from the market. They are shuffled into the three decks you know from CV.

The difference is that gossip cards can be placed in your own cv or in other player’s cv. This is important because, although they also give you two points per card in the end, they have a negative effect on gameplay for the player the people are gossiping about. You’re a Latecomer, eh? Well, then you re-roll your dice one fewer time.

That’s it. Nothing special, nothing that really changes the game. Sure, you can bully other players, but do you really want to spend your precious resources on cards for other players?

Fate cards then. These are not shuffled in the three decks. It’s a separate deck of cards and at the start of a round two fate cards will be available to be bought on your turn. Maybe you remember that you have those smiley and sad faces printed on your dice? Well, you can spend those now on these fate cards. Then the happy and sad faces are not counted towards bad or good luck.

OK, you are in your mid-life crisis, please take a vehicle from the discard pile. Suffer from insomnia? Well, you won’t feel that well, but you can infinitely re-roll your dice. No sleep means, you’ve got a lot of time to invest in your personal development.


Thematically I really like this expansion. It brings a smile to my face when I see the title, look at the illustration and read what the card does. However, this is not something Gossip itself brings to the game, CV already was pretty funny and pretty thematic in my view.

Gameplay-wise I’m right in the middle. I gladly play with the Gossip expansion and I’m just as fine when you leave it out. The reason for that is that it mechanically doesn’t bring anything new apart from the take that element. It adds a symbol, makes cards cheaper, more re-rolls, less re-rolls. It just adds more cards that do basically the same as the cards we know from the base game and because you add half of them to your three other decks on the table, the game will take slightly longer. Do we want that? Probably not.

An average three thumbs is what I can give for CV: Gossip.



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  • 29 maart 2017 om 17:26

    ok, but I won’t bother playing the base game anyway


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