Deal & Steal Review


Deal & Steal is a title that didn’t speak to my imagination, but the fact that it was designed by Rüdiger Dorn made me curious about it. Let’s take a look at this two to four player card game and see what I think about it.


What do you get for your money?

You get 80 numbered cards in four colours, 5 market cards, 24 task cards, 11 overview cards and the rules.

How do you play the game?

In Deal & Steal you trade numbered cards in four colours with the card market in the middle of the table to, eventually, complete tasks. The player who first completes five tasks is the winner of the game.


In the middle of the table there are five market cards, a market card for one card, three for two cards and one for three cards. At the beginning of the game you place that amount of cards there. There are eighty cards in four colours and they are numbered one to ten.

You also deal five cards to every player and place 5 task cards next to the market on the table and now the game begins.

You can do one of two things in your turn. You can trade one to three cards with the cards next to the matching market card. So, you can take three cards from your hand and trade them for the three cards that are next to the ‘3’ market card. After the trade you also may draw one extra card from the draw deck.


The other thing you can do is complete one of the five tasks that are on the table. You have to show and discard the cards required, place the task card in front of you, draw the amount of cards from the draw deck indicated on the task card and, lastly, draw a new task card and place it next to the others.


What are these tasks then? Well, it could be that you have to discard five cards with the same colour, or four cards whose sum is seven or less, or three consecutive pairs, or five cards with even numbers. You get the idea.


The first player that completes five tasks is the winner of the game.



Well, you don’t have to be a gaming connoisseur to realize that this game is light. I mean the idea of trading cards to collect sets of cards with certain numbers, colours or both is not difficult to grasp.

It is just a simple card game where you, on the one hand, have to race to complete certain tasks and, secondly, be a smart and efficient trader. You have to choose which tasks you go for and you have to guess which tasks the other players want to complete or otherwise they might just take the task you want right out from under your nose. Steal, as one might say.

That’s the fun thing about this game, the possibility that someone takes the cards from the market you want, or complete a task card you wanted just before you can and the tension that possibility brings.

So, yeah, this game has nothing new or very exciting to offer, plus the artwork is downright ugly, but I do enjoy it. It’s just a quick, little filler that can be played with anyone. It’s particularly a nice game to play with kids. The choices are not difficult, but they are there and there’s enough tension in the game to make it fun.

It’s not a card game I’ll recommend to anyone, but if you don’t mind that it’s very light, I think that you just might enjoy some dealing and stealing.


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