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I just came back from a short vacation in sunny Spain. Possibly played my game of the year there. A review of that game can be read later in the month. I also played another game. And that’s the game I’m going to discus here. It’s ‘het Koninkrijk Dominion’ from 999 Games, which translates into Kingdom Dominion for those from around the globe.





I was very sceptical about this game. Well not about the game itself, I like Dominion a lot, but about the version. I initially thought ‘het Koninkrijk Dominion’ was a money grab. It’s marketed as an introductory set for Dominion. What a laugh! The base set of Dominion is already an introductory set. Dominion Intrigue was already an introductory set. How family friendly do you want to be? What more do you need to introduce?

What else.


Except that, this new introductory game is a cheaper. It’s in a smaller box. It has a mix of kingdom cards that you now from Dominion and all its expansions. Maybe it is a better idea to market it as ‘The best of Dominion’. Something like that.

The box holds fewer cards than the normal big box of Dominion. Fewer cards per type, fewer overall. It also has a slightly different rule-set because of that. You cannot buy copper during the game, you only get it in your starting hand. You also have only the duchy and province cards as victory point cards to buy. You only get estates in your starting hand. And there are only eight cards per type of card, so the playtime is a little less than basic Dominion.

How to play Dominion? Maybe you should go to this review to read how.

The cards in this game (Library, Farming Village, Bridge, Cellar, Rabble, Harem, Sage, Crossroads, Steward, Treasury, Smugglers, Militia, Remodel, Market, Mine and the Witch. Did I forget any?) are chosen from the other sets, because they are relatively friendly, and therefore more suitable for children.

That’s true, there are no curses in here, you can do your thing, all in peace. Sometimes you have to put cards from your hand to your discard pile, but that’s not too bad. However, was basic Dominion especially known for its viciousness?? I don’t think so.

So, I find the reasons for making this edition totally ridiculous. However, I do like it. I do recommend it.

For these reasons. It’s a small package. Great for travelling. It’s rather cheap (I think I bought it for €15, but I think it’s about €20 online). And therefore, as one who only owns the base game, a good way to get more cards. The game in this box can’t be combined with any other Dominion game, because you get fewer cards per type, but you don’t have to. There’s enough in this tiny box to keep you entertained for a long time. Dominion is just a very fun game. It’s cheap, portable and it’s more Dominion. That’s why I would buy it, not because it’s a better introductory game than the other two base sets.

I have no clue if this edition will be published by any other company then by 999 Games, so if you really want this and can’t read Dutch, well, start learning.



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