Welcome to ICECOOL, the penguin high-school. Here we only educate the quickest and the strongest penguins. Here is the gym, there’s the chemistry lab and most importantly at the end of the hallway: the canteen. This is where we serve all fishy goodness between twelve and two in the afternoon. Enjoy. 




ICECOOL is a very cool dexterity game. It’s a lot of fun. And that’s what’s important right? Especially with dexterity games. In this category there mostly not a long-term strategy. It’s go with the flow and do what most fun or at that points most useful. It’s a flicking game, nothing more.

I’m normally not drawn to these flicking games, but this one had a cute theme and I thought that if I have to own one flicking game, this one might be it.


I was right. This is going to be the flicking game in my collection. For now. The theme is where the fun starts. Three of you are high school students, penguins, and you try to steal fish from the cafeteria. Another player, and this role switches from one player to the other every round, is the hall monitor and tries to catch the players in the act. This sounds fun. Doesn’t it.

The box consists of several boxes in boxes and these boxes are connected to each other and this is your board. The boxes are the hallways where you run through and in some of the sides are holes that represent the doors. Above some doors you find fish meeples and your goal is to get all your fish meeples. You that by flicking your penguin through the different rooms. Your penguin is basically a cone, spherical at the bottom. You can flick them regularly, through a doorway, so you can take the fish above it. You can even, if you hit it the penguin is special way, let them fly over walls. When you catch a fish, you must draw a card from the card deck and these cards give you some points.

The hall monitor has a special role. He has to catch the other penguin players by touching their penguin. The hall monitor then must take the hall pass from the player he just hit and at the end of the round he can draw as much cards as he has hall passes.


A round ends when either the hall monitor has all hall passes in his possession or one player has no more fish to catch. The game ends when all player have been hall monitor one time. The player with the most points is the winner.

I already said it. I was drawn by the cute theme and I thought this game would be a nice family game. And, most importantly, it is a lot of fun too. There are no complicated flicking rules. It’s just hit and run and that is already hard enough sometimes. I cannot say anything more about it, it’s just that. If you like flicking games, or you like to try one, this might be a real good one to buy.




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