Klask Review

klask review

I do not often play dexterity games. However, sometimes you play a game that’s not typically your type of game, but is just surprisingly fun. Klask is such a game and here’s my review.




How do you play the game?

Well, it’s simple. There are four ways to score points and the player whose the first to score six points is the winner of Klask.

Klask is a dexterity game and it’s played on a raised wooden construction that looks like a ball pitch. There are two holes, one on each side of the pitch, and in he middle of the pitch three magnetic pieces are placed. There’s a ball and one way to score a point is to shoot the ball in the ‘goal’ of your opponent.

klask review spel bordspel board game

How, you ask? Well with your magnetic pawn of course. You move the pawn on the pitch with your magnet under the pitch. There’s a partition underneath the pitch between the two halves, so you can only move your pawn on your own half. If you ever lose your pawn and you cannot gain control over it with your magnet, your opponent gains one points. If you ever get two or more magnetic pieces on your pawn, you know, the ones in the middle of the pitch, your opponents gains one point. Lastly, if you ever pull your pawn into the hole at your end of the pitch your opponent gets a point.

That’s it basically, you try to score six points and then you are the winner.


Klask is fun, uncomplicated fun. You might be thinking of two-player foosball at first, but it’s more than that. The way you control your player on the pitch with your magnet works very well. You can easily control the ball and shoot it in the right direction. However, you can’t be too aggressive or uncontrolled or otherwise you lose your pawn and the other player gets a point. Or you might move too quickly over the pitch and pull your player into the hole. Klask!

What I like the most about this game are the three magnetic pieces in the middle of the pitch. They look insignificant, but they are a very important part of the game. You can hit these pieces with the ball to shoot them towards your opponent, so they will stick to his pawn. You can also hit them onto your opponent’s half, so it’s more difficult for her to move around without touching these pieces.

Like I said, Klask is uncomplicated fun. It’s quick, it’s easy, plus it looks very good.

I promise you that this game will revive the ‘childish’ fanatic that’s in all of us and put a big smile on your face.


Many thanks to Marektoy for providing me a review copy. Visit the Klask website and check out its Facebook page.


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