Printemplaying: Black Sheep and White Sheep

A 2-player game from designer Jason Lin. You have to print a credit card sized board, a bridge with four spaces. You also need five similar coins for the black player and five smaller or larger coins for the white player. You can also use wooden sheep. You shake your sheep (I’m really writing this, am I?) and drop them on the table (the horror..) to see which sheep are standing up and which sheep are sleeping (heads or tails, basically).
Then the game starts, you need to get all your sheep to the other side of the bridge before the other player does. There are a couple of movement rules. If there’s an empty space in front of you, you can move there, no questions asked. If there’s a sheep (black or white) with the same status (standing or sleeping), you can jump over that sheep. If there’s a sheep with a different status, you must jump on top of it. Lastly, you can move a sheep that is part of a stack of sheep, but you always have to move all the sheep above it.
The first player whose sheep are on the other side of the bridge, wins the game. It takes only a couple of minutes.
Many people will describe this game as a micro game. It is, but it’s not a good one. It’s too micro. There are so very, very little things you can do, so very few decisions to make that you could say that this game is so overly reduced, there is almost no game left.
Mmh, what could I expect from a game that only takes five minutes to play? OK true, but still, I can’t think of an occasion where I would want to play something like this.
I don’t want to say that this game is a waste of your ink, because you only have to print out a credit card sized board (basically you do not have to cut or glue, so it takes very little effort to try this game yourself), but I can not prevent myself to give the game this title. So, the title of this verdict might not be entirely accurate, I just do not like the Black Sheep nor do I like the White ones. 


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