Printemplaying: Case #27

Take a look at this little booklet. Inside you’ll find Case #27. An old murder case, a forgotten case and most importantly an unsolved case. That’s where you come in. As a detective, you have to gather all the previously overlooked pieces of information and solve this murder.

Case #27 from designer E. Nate Kurth is an odd duck in the 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest. It’s a solitaire social deduction game. Say what? A solitaire social deduction game. Take the case and a pencil with you and wait for the sign, that moment when you know the game has begun.

“Hi Rowdy! How are you doing? Did you have a nice weekend?”

This person, a colleague, unaware of his severe condition, is your victim. He died four hours prior to this casual greeting. He has black hair, so he’s poisoned. Where did he die? Ah, at the location of his last meal.. Where’s that? Start talking…


Now you have to find and question the possible suspects. Are they connected to the murder? Where were they at the time of death? Do they possess books? No, not Harry Potter, or maybe yes Harry Potter. All of them. Plus all books by Gabriel Márquez. That happy, bearded fellow over there and the pretty girl from the canteen with the blue apron, they’re both on your list. Go talk to them. Go find out..

This game is an odd duck because I don’t think it’s really a game. More like an activity and above all, a very interesting idea. I’m not going to judge this as a game, but I do want you to know about it, because I just think it’s cool.

You do the things you would normally do, go to work, go to school, but now you’ll have to talk to people you would not normally talk to or about stuff you never talk about. In addition you cannot let them know you are actually solving an important murder case instead of exchanging recipes for a delicious marinade. That’s the challenge. Just check it out.

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