Printemplaying: Grunts

One of the entries for the 2014 Solitaire Print and Play Contest is Grunts from 8Rad Games. You only need to print out one sheet of paper and find yourself a set of dice and 6 coins. It’s a squad level war game with cool black and white illustrations, all very printer friendly.


Each coin represents a squad of soldiers. There are four fronts with one rally point. You have to move from one rally point to another and eventually capture the enemy bunker. All within six turns.

You start the game with six squads on the first rally point. One turn consists of several phases. During the deployment phase you roll a die for every squad. The result determines on which panel you have to put your squad. Some panels have a forced action, others have an optional action and yet other panels have an assault strength. When you want to, or have to. execute an action, except when your squad is pinned, you have to exhaust the squad after executing the action. Next turn this squad will start over at the front’s rally point.

If you have enough squads on panels with an assault strength value, add them all up and then you can decide to launch an assault and move with some squads to a new rally point with an equal or lower number.

Then, when you decide to or you simply cannot deploy any squads, the exhausted squads go back to their rally point and a new turn begins. When a turn begins with no squads on any rally points or you have no turns left, you lose the game. When you reach the Bunker in time, you win Grunts.

This game is not very challenging, but you can change the difficulty if you want to. Just lower the amount of turns you can take.

There’s a lot of luck in this game, especially when you get closer to the Bunker. On the the first two fronts, you will have an opportunity to try again when you roll badly. The last two fronts are more dangerous. There are more bad actions, like ‘squad destroyed, remove from play’ or ‘squad is pinned, -1 DRM’. When your squads are destroyed it’s just bad luck, there’s nothing you can do about it.


You have to find a nice balance between sending enough squads to the more dangerous panels and keeping one or two behind in a more safer zone to provide some assistance from there. You might not gain as much assault strength in the safer zones, but there are some useful actions you can execute there.

It’s a very casual, very quick game. Just go with the flow and when your guys die, you start again. I’m not really excited, it’s an OK game. Too few interesting decisions can be made. I’m on the ‘Meh’ side. Played it a couple of times and probably never going to play it again.

I do think that the art looks good. It’s black and white, but it’s just nice and it does bring some flavour to the game.


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