Qwinto Quick Review



Qwinto is the latest game in the Qwixx Family, designed by Bernhard Lach and Uwe Rapp and published by White Goblin Games. I like Qwixx, as you can read here, but what do I think about Qwinto?

Quick Overview

The rules are simple. Each player gets a score sheet and on that score sheet you find three colored rows with circles and a couple of pentagons. The three colored rows, orange, purple and yellow, are not perfectly aligned. You do find three columns with one pentagon each, as you can see above.

On your turn you have to roll one, two or three dice. The dice have the same colours as the rows. Every player can then write the sum of the dice into a spot in a row with the same colour as one of the dice that were thrown. The numbers in one row must increase from left to right and you cannot write the same number twice in a column.


When you, as the active player, cannot, or do not want to, write a number on your scoresheet you can note one failed roll.

The game ends when someone has four failed rolls or someone has filled in all spots in two rows on their score sheet. When you’ve completed a row you get points equal to the rightmost number in that row. For each completed column you get an amount of points equal to the number inside the pentagon. For each incomplete row you get one point per number in that row and for each failed roll you lose five points.

The player with the most points wins the game.

Quick Review

Qwixx is a good game. It’s small, it’s easy, it’s quick, but it’s fun and that’s the most important thing. Now then we have Qwinto, a game that looks a lot like Qwixx, but is designed by other designers. Again it’s a game in a small box, with an easy rule set and short playtime. Is it fun? Yes, it’s quite enjoyable. There’s a little bit more to it than Qwixx, because you have to think about where to write down what number. You want a very high number in the rightmost spot in a row when you complete it and you want to write a number as high a possible in the pentagon in a completed column, but you have to stick to the rules of ascending numbers and no equal number in one column, and that’s trickier than you think, especially near the end.

So, it’s a nice game, but I do think that it’s too similair to Qwixx to be added to my collection. It’s fills the same niche. I immediately thought: ‘It’s fun, but do I really need it if I own Qwixx?’ and I’m not sure if I do. It’s cheap enough to take a chance. It’s not that you have to choose between two 40 euro games. It’s only 10 euro.

Qwinto is an enjoyable game, but it’s too similair, too soon.





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