Roll for the Galaxy – Ambition Review

When you roll dice you have to have ambition, you got to aim high. No, not that high, not that high!


Roll for the Galaxy Ambition adds three major elements to the base game. Black dice, orange dice and objectives.

Objectives were also added to Race for the Galaxy and I was very fond of them in that game and I also love them here. They just add a new public battleground, something to fight for with the other players. When you fulfil the objective you get a certain amount of tokens. These tokens are nice because they are worth one point at the end of the game and instead they can also be used as a wild-card die. You can only use a token once, but they are very handy.

Then they’ve added black dice to the game. You replace one of your starting white dice with a black one. These dice can have two phase icons on a side, for instance produce and explore, so you can assign them to one of those phases. However, if, lets says, you’ve placed it underneath explore and that phase doesn’t take place, you can transfer it to production. If that phase also doesn’t take place, then, bad luck, you can place the die back into your cup.

Using these dice like this is less risky, it basically offers a backup plan, which is nice.

Orange dice are practically the same, but you have to acquire them through the worlds you get. These dice don’t match any planet colour when you ship goods. The black dice match all colours.

Some sides on the black and orange dice have a money icon on them. This means that when you’ve used them, you get the die back into your cup. So, when a technology tile is constructed and there’s a die on there with a money icon, you get it back into your cup.

This is great because the action you do with it is, sort of, free this way, you don’t have to spend money to use it again.

You also get fourteen new faction tiles, the big ones, seven home world tiles and five tiles to put into the bag. The new faction and home world tiles are nice, they add new roads to travel along, but the amount of game tiles is a bit underwhelming if you ask me.

Overall I think that Ambition is a nice expansion, but nothing more. It adds fun bits and pieces, but it doesn’t make me want to play the game more (or less) often. The game is just as fun without it, so, because of its (too) high price point, I would only recommend it to people who play the game a lot.

I enjoyed all of those bits and pieces, but I’m a fan of the base game. To the occasional Rollers I say: “You can do without having Ambition.” For those who have dice that look like marbles I do recommend this one.




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