Super Rhino! Review


Have you ever seen a Rhinoceros climb a tree? No? Well, that has its reasons. They are in fact not so good at climbing. They are just too big, too heavy, too clumsy. Super Rhino, however, doesn’t care about that. He just keeps climbing the buildings you build and destroying them along the way. There are kittens to be saved! Super Rhino! is a kids game that can also be played by adults where you try to build a tall building in such way that it won’t collapse under Super Rhino’s weight.


What do you get for your money?

You get 31 roof cards, 28 wall cards, 1 two-sided foundation card, 1 wooden Super Rhino token and the rules.

How do you play the game?

In Super Rhino you all help to build a tall building by placing wall and roof cards on top of each other. A prefect setting for rhinoceros with superpowers. Floor by floor he will climb up the walls to save the day. Or destroy the whole building. That can also happen.


You start the game with some roof cards. On these cards, a silhouette of one or two walls are depicted, plus a special action symbol. In you your turn you must first place the walls on top of the roof card on top of the building.

Walls are cards you can fold through the middle, so it has the shape of one half of a square. You must place one or two onto the silhouettes of the roof card and after that, you must place one roof card from your hand onto these walls.


Then the special action activates (if a symbol is present). The actions are, the next player must take an extra roof card, the next player skips his turn, the player order is reversed, you can play another roof tile, or the next player must move Super Rhino. This means that she must pick mister Rhino in his tights and cape from his current spot and place it on the last played card.


The goal of the game is to get rid of your roof cards, if you do, you win the game. In the likely case when the building collapses, the player with the least roof cards, wins the game.



Well, first I have to say that you should keep in mind that this is a kids game. So, it’s designed for the sole purpose of entertaining kids. That does not mean that adults can’t enjoy it and I do review this game from my perspective, an adult perspective, but I will take the above into account.

For people who ever played Jenga, the idea of the game must sound kind of familiar. The goal of the game is to not let the building collapse. The difference between this game and Jenga is that this building has to build from the ground up, while in Jenga the ‘building’ is already there. In Jenga here’s only a dexterity element, while in Super Rhino! there’s this addition of card powers to bully each other. These powers (skip a turn, reverse player order, get another turn, etcetera) are not very original, but they’re used in other games, so they’ve been tested multiple times in other ‘take that’ games and they’ve proven themselves to fit these types of games perfectly.

The power that makes other player move Super Rhino from one floor to another is very cool. It just adds another layer of excitement to the game. You are, while building the building, already trying to keep everything together, to not shake your adult hands with your big adult fingers too much when placing the floors and walls and now you also have to worry about that small rhino meeple that has been placed inside a room with sloping walls, creaking floors and residents who do seem to care about it at all.

The rules of the game a made so that kids can understand, so you should be able to learn them fairly quickly. They mechanism aren’t very special or original, but they work fine.

The only thing I do ask myself and the designers, is why it couldn’t be made so that you can play it with more than five players?


Basically there is no theme.  And with that I mean that the mechanism do make any sense thematically. There’s this super hero climbing the walls of a residential building where people live that seem quite content where they are. I would say there’s no real need of a super hero. Or maybe he’s there to kill a spider, save the milk from boiling over, or blow out a dangerous candle?


Well you can not deny that this game looks nice. The illustrations are cheerful, the colours bright, the reflective corners give the roof cards a nice touch and who does not like a nice looking Rhino meeple? Plus, the 3D aspect makes people‘s heads turn when you’re playing the game.

Quality of the  components

The roof cards are very kid proof, they’re very thick. The wall cards work well and the only wooden piece in the game, Super Rhino himself, is good too.


I can imagine that Super Rhino! would be a real nice game to play with your family if you have little kids.

When you don’t have kids, it’s still a nice game to play. Super Rhino! is a very light, very breezy filler. Just take your mind of heavy strategy games and have a laugh.

It’s a nice mixture of dexterity and ‘take that!’ elements. Placing the roof and wall should not be a big problem, although the ‘single wall silhouette’ cards can cause some instability, and the taller your building gets, the more unstable it will be. But, grabbing Super Rhino with your big adult hands is more difficult than it seems.

Well, that’s it, Super Rhino! is just uncomplicated and fun.



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