Telestrations Review

The story:
Are you that guy who can only draw stick figures and smiley faces? The houses, cars and trees you draw are completely out of proportion? And the dog that you’ve just drawn just begs to be killed?
What if there was a game where you can exploit these dubious talents?
What you get for your money:
100 double-sided cards, 8 dry erase booklets, 8 dry erase markers, 8 wipes, 1 sand timer (60 seconds), 1 die and the rules.
How do you play the game:
The concept is easy. Everybody receives a booklet in their colour, a marker and a card with six secret words or sayings on it. One player rolls the die and everybody must write the secret word belonging to that number in their booklet. Let’s say Thomas writes dishwasher in his booklet. Then the sand timer is flipped and he must turn over a page and draw a dishwasher. When sixty seconds have passed he turns over another page and gives the booklet to the person on his left. Thomas receives a new booklet form his other neighbour, he then looks at her drawing on the previous page and tries to guess what it is and writes that down. He gives the booklet to the person on his left. Thomas receives another booklet too. He looks at the words the previous person wrote down and draws a picture. This goes on and on until you have your own booklet back.
Then everybody shows the drawings and texts in their booklet to the others. Points are given when the initial secret word and final words match and for your most favourite drawing. 
Earlier I reviewed Wits and Wagers, a trivia game. When you want to play ‘drawing games’ , something similar happens as with trivia games. With trivia games, people might be hesitant to play because they don’t want to seem stupid. With drawing games, like Pictionary for instance, people might be hesitant to play because they think they can’t draw and don’t want to be laughed at. Maybe that doesn’t change with Telestrations, but at least you can tell them that it’s the whole idea of this game. To go from a soccer team to a firing squad to Nazi’s to Charlie Chaplin. It’s funny and this game is supposed to be funny and ridiculous. The fact that you can’t draw is definitively not a disadvantage. 
The scoring system is a bit random and therefore totally unnecessary. The aim is to laugh at all the misconceptions,ridiculous concoctions and products of the minds of all the players at the table and especially your own. There is no need to keep score, this game does not really need a winner. Plus, you will probably find out that everybody is more qualified for the title loser than winner.
However, the game is most fun when everybody takes it a bit seriously and with that I mean that you must do your best to guess the correct word and not guess or draw something completely random just because you want people to laugh about it. It’s more fun when someone genuinely doesn’t know than when someone plays dumb on purpose. Don’t think about it too much and just do what first comes to mind.
In conclusion, Telestrations is a relaxed and incredibly funny party game. You will laugh your ass off.
Diapers not included.


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