The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game UPDATE!

I said that I would update my The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game review if I had a chance to play the game with somebody else or solo with two decks and I had the opportunity to do so. 

I thought the game would become too laborious with two decks, but it is not that bad and the game is much better and more fun this way!  

It’s pretty obvious: with two decks you don’t have to do everything yourself. First I had to quest, defend and attack every creature myself. Now, one player (or deck) can focus on attacking and the other on questing for instance.

Some adventures are still very hard to beat, but I felt much more in control. At first the game could turn, in one turn, from a calm sea into a tsunami of enemies. Now, it feels more like ebb and flow.

Yes sure, a rampage can still happen when you are unlucky, but the total feel of the game is less swingy. 

And because of the fact that I felt more in control, I wanted to invest more time in composing a deck, because I thought that it did matter this time. 

Turns out that this is also pretty fun. 


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