The Test of Time: Aladdin’s Dragons

Originally reviewed in November 2013 and still a very good game, also apparent from my top 100 listing. It’s my twenty-fourth favourite game. That shows that I still love the game and would still like recommend the game to others, like I did in 2013.

The worker placement mechanism combined with blind bidding and bluffing is very fun, very exciting. The magic cards add some chaos to the game and the rest of the game is very easy to teach and easy to play. Therefore it also made my top 10 gateway games, which are games you can use to introduce other people (or yourself) to modern board games.

I do not play this game a lot though. One reason is that it can only be played with three or more players. Another reason is that I’m past that gateway stage. Those are not the main reasons, because I do enjoy my easy to mid-weight euro games and I play enough game with more than two players. I think the main reason is the look of the game. I looks very bland, very old-fashioned. It’s not a game that immediately draws your attention. New players, probably, will be drawn to the more modern looking, more flashy games in my collection.

I think that this game, designed by Richard Breese, screams for a re-print. The theme is fine, they don’t have to change that, but the illustrations, the colour scheme needs an update.

Do you have a game you like a lot, but just doesn’t get enough play time because of its looks?  Would a re-theme, re-print fix that?


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