The Test of Time: Among the Stars

Drafting cards, building your space station in front of you and the parts of your station interact with each other. That’s what Among the Stars is. The Ambassadors expansion added new stuff to be added to your space station and, well Ambassadors, who could be invited into your station. The art is great, the game fun, but why haven’t I played it in a long while then?


I must say that I really don’t know. I still think of the game as very fun. The base game was fun and the Ambassador expansion made it even more fun. You had so much locations that you could pick and choose the cards that you wanted to shuffle in the draw deck every game. The Ambassadors had special abilities that were cool as well.

The thing is, I always say to myself, I have to play more Among the Stars. It’s so good. I even backed Revival. I thought that an ‘expansion’ that focussed on playing with two players would revive my love for the game. But it didn’t. It’s still waiting to be played. I don’t know if I even looked at the cards in the box?

Hopefully I get to play it soon, I say to myself for the gazillionth time.


Do you have a game that you really like, but never gets played for no good reason at all when you think about it?


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