The Test of Time: King of Tokyo

Picture this: monsters trashing Tokyo and each other. Meka Dragon, Giga Zaur, the King and Cyber Bunny, all the biggest names in the industry vie for power and recognition. Car wrecks flying around. In the end there can only be one ruler of the city, one King of Tokyo

The setting is great in this dice chucking game from Richard Garfield, but the execution, the game itself only attracted me for a short while. The initial excitement about the theme and the different powers quickly wore off, which is proven by the fact that I’ve only played it during the first months after I bought it and very little, read once, after that. It just sits here, gathering dust in my closet. I sometimes even catch it staring at me with its evil dragon eyes, whispering ‘Play me’. It’s just creepy.

The last time I’ve played this game showed me again that, without the theme, there’s nothing there. There’s very little game inside the box. It’s only Yahtzee with a lot of frills.

I do understand the attraction towards this game and the affection that a lot of people feel for this game. It is simple, it has a nice flavour and it looks cool, but it never worked for me, not as a gateway game, not as a filler.

King of Tokyo was just one of those games that was fun for a couple of times, but now only thinking about it makes me want to play something else.

2 gedachten over “The Test of Time: King of Tokyo

  • 24 juli 2016 om 5:54

    Hi Rowdy,

    I love these short “Test of Time” reviews especially with my tendency to get sucked into reading those that get written after only a few months of release. Agree or disagree, it is quite useful to read your perspective after a few years when the sheen has worn off. Thank you!


    • 24 juli 2016 om 9:07

      It’s been a while since I wrote a ‘Test of Time’ piece, maybe I have to start doing them again..


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