The Test of Time: Love Letter

If one game took the board gaming world by storm the last couple of years, it’s got to be Love Letter from Seniji Kenai. It created a whole new category of board games called micro games. Well, not created it, but it made a lot of people interested in these big games in tiny packages and many other micro games were published after it.

In my earlier review I stated that I really liked Love Letter and I still have to say that nothing has changed. I still think it’s a solid game. I still gets played once in a while, now mostly with non-gamers, and I even bought the Christmas version, Letters to Santa, just because I like Christmas.

You don’t have to wake me up if they put out a another new version, like the Hobbit, Batman or Adventure Time version. Just give me plain old Love Letter and I’m fine.

It remains to be a well-loved, quick and easy card game to play with the family or other not so frequent gamers.

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