The Test of Time: Mage Knight: the Board Game + The Lost Legion

Not long after that difficult first review (Mice and Mystics) I spat out a couple more in a short time. One of them was a review of Vlaada Chvátil’s Mage Knight: the Board Game. Once I got it, I instantly became a fan of the game. It took place in this vast fantasy realm and it was a major challenge to figure out how to become victorious before the game ended. I played it mostly solo. Just before I wrote the review I had finished my studies and was still unemployed, so a had plenty of time to play the game.

Well, since my review I, now with a job, haven’t played it even once. I simply don’t have the time and when I do have time to play games, I often play with other players. My girlfriend doesn’t really like fantasy themed games, so I have to count on myself and I let myself down every time.

I still think of Mage Knight and its expansion, the Lost Legion, as one of the better games in my collection, but one of the drawbacks of my decision to write reviews is that I actually have to make time to write them. Add a job to that and this means that I rarely get solo games that take more than two hours to the table. (I have other hobbies too, you know)

But I really want to play the game. There’s a new expansions coming out, Shades of Tezla, which seems to add a bit more to the game than just a character, like Krang. That’s a very good reason, if I really need one, to start playing the game more often. Well, maybe I just need to quit my job.

No, all joking aside, this game is still one of my favourites, but my love for the game faded a bit, because it hasn’t been played in a long while.

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