The Test of Time: Maximum Throwdown

A game about monsters fighting each other. Really? Tell me more! Well, you throw cards on the table. Throwing cards? Yes. Oh……

I bought Maximum Throwdown because it looked entertaining. And different. You throw cards and your cards have symbols on them and you basically try to have as much of your symbols visible, they give you points or special actions, and you try to cover up the symbols of the cards of you opponent.


Each player has his own deck and every deck has its own play style, kind of.

I must say I never played this game again after the review and I’m not sad about. I said it was fun for a while and that while ended then and there. If I think back, if I could re-write the review (I’m not going to), I would say that this is not a good game. I don’t know why I thought it was kind of OK then, I didn’t even had that much fun when I think back.

Conclusion: don’t buy it. Exclamation point.

Well, maybe do buy the game. My copy.


I tried to sell or trade it, but nobody seems to want a card throwing game. Why is that?


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