The Test of Time: Mice and Mystics

About one and a half years ago, before I had this website, I reviewed Mice and Mystics. It was my first review and therefore a milestone in my life as a board gamer. Yeah, it’s that big. So it’s quite logical that this is the first game I cover in this new segment: The Test of Time.

In this segment I briefly, very briefly, discuss how much I played the game after the review and if think it’s still fun or not?

I only played Mice and Mystics four more times after the review and not a single time during the past year and that is indicative of how feel about the game one and a half year later.

I just don’t feel the urge to play it any more and I think it’s mainly because, I already said it then, the mechanism fall short. There are just to little choices to be made and luck is very important in this game and I just found that I’m more drawn to the more ‘Euro’ side of the gaming spectrum. I just got to know myself a little better.

So when the mechanisms aren’t there to draw me back in, only the story remains, which is a good story, but it provides very little surprises after a while.

So the conclusion is simple. The more I played it the less interesting and fun I found it.

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