The Test of Time: Suburbia


Sim City the board game some say. Definitely a very good game in my opinion. It’s Ted Alpach’s Suburbia. About three years after the review it’s time for a look-back.

Suburbia is still the best city builder I ever played. I haven’t been able to get it on the table that much, but I do play it on my iPad once in a while. I like the look of the game. It’s simple, but it fits the theme well. The way the buildings interact with each other and the way the (building) market works is so much fun. I’ve tried Castles of Mad King Ludwig, which supposedly is an evolution of the Suburbia system with another theme, but I must say I still think that Suburbia is the better game.


Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a fine game, but I think the city building theme fits the game mechanisms much better than the castle building theme. At least I know that I’m more drawn to that theme. You probably can easily find just as many people who think otherwise.

So, I would still recommend Suburbia and it’s still in my collection and not going to leave anytime soon.

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  • 17 september 2016 om 11:31

    I think the physical board game is very expensive and takes too much time and the box is quite big. Would like to know if there was a solo variant.


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