The Test of Time: The Resistance


The Resistance, a well-known, well-loved, hidden identity game. You go on secret missions. Some of you want to make it a success, others want you to fail. Who is who? Can you figure it out? I posted a review of this game in 2013. I liked it. Do I still like it?

The thing is, I rarely get to play these social deduction games. I find them much more fun when I get to play them with a bigger group and I rarely have the opportunity to play with bigger groups. Not that I’m not at an occasions where a sufficient amount of people is available, but they have to want to play the same game together. And to be honest, I’d rather play a game with 3, 4 or 5 people than with bigger group. Maybe on occasions where I drink some beers it will pop up, but regular game night or days, mêh. Point is, the last time I played the Resistance was one and a half year ago.

And although I still think it’s a good game, I couldn’t care less. My interest in these social deduction games in general just dwindled the last one or two years. They all seem so similar in gameplay, too similar to try new ones. The Resistance is the best one I played so far.


Have you played a social deduction game lately that has really offered you something different?


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