The Test of Time: Tzolk’in: the Mayan Calendar

In 2013 a game came out with a board that contained rotating gears. A gimmick or did the gears add value to the gameplay? I thought it was as great game then. Do I like it still?


Well yes, I consider it one of the best games, heavier games, out there. I don’t play it as much as I used to in the year it came out, but it hits the table at least one time a year. That doesn’t sound much, but with all these new games coming out each year and entering my collection, I find it quite a lot. There are games that I also really enjoy, but haven’t been played in years.

There is an expansion for the game, Tribes & Prophecies, which I haven’t played yet. It sounds interesting, but I do not think Tzolk’in needs an expansion. There is so much to explore in the base game, so I probably only play the expansion if someone else has it or it becomes much cheaper than it is now.

If you like Euro style games, or heavier strategy games, Tzolk’in is a game you have to try, if you haven’t already.


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