The Test of Time: Urbion

The second game in Shadi Torbey’s Oniverse. Onirim was the first game, but Urbion was the first game that I played and reviewed. It’s a solo card game and was my number twenty-nine most favourite game of all time in last year’s, 2015, list. What do I think of the game after all this time?


Well, it’s a one to two-player card game, but it isn’t fun with two. I still think it’s a very good game, but I just don’t play solo games that often anymore. Urbion is, together with Onirim, definitely the best game in the series. Castellion and Sylvion just aren’t that good. The fact that I don’t play this game that much is mostly because when I play games nowadays I want to play multiplayer games. When I play solo, it’s mostly play board game implementations on my iPad.

I do still recommend this game when somebody wants to play a challenging card game. It’s unique in its gameplay and look. I don’t know if they will come with a new edition, in a box like Onirim, Sylvion and Castellion, with loads of expansions and a cool, big, plastic meeple. I do hope so.



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2 gedachten over “The Test of Time: Urbion

  • 3 september 2016 om 21:02

    I hope they come out with a new edition of Urbion as well, since it’s the only one of the series I haven’t played (it was out of print by the time I really got into the Oniverse). Unlike you, however, I really like both Sylvion and Castellion. They’re both very different than the original, but still very clever in their own way. I’m definitely looking forward to the new dice game in the series, Nautilion.

  • 14 september 2016 om 3:55

    I also got into the Omniverse just recently as well. So I missed out on Urbion. I love all the games in the series so far. Onirim it’s my favorite followed by Castellion. Looking forward to Nautilion this fall!


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