Ticket to Ride Review

Designer: Allan R. Moon

Publisher: Days of Wonder
Number of Players:2-5
Playtime:45-60 minutes
Price (approx.): 40 euro 
Ticket to Ride is a train game, a route building game and it comes in different shapes and sizes, but the basic idea is this: on a map of some country, different routes are illustrated. They have different lengths and different colours. At the start of the game you get some tickets and you choose which routes you want to build. Tell no one, it’s your secret. There is a thick stack of coloured cards and you have to collect certain sets of them. That is because, if you want to built a route with a length of x and a colour y, you have to hand in x cards of colour y. In your turn you grab more coloured cards or you built a route or you take more route tickets. Every route gives you a certain amount of points and the one with the most points wins Ticket to Ride.
There is a train theme, but you can replace it with any other theme that has anything to do with building routes. Although, Ticket to Ride probably would not have been so successful with another theme. People can identify themselves a little better with train routes than camel routes through the desert.
The rules of the base game (USA and Europe) can be summarised on a coaster. There are small, but significant, decisions to be made, there’s that press your luck element and, with the right amount of players, there’s a lot of confrontation. You fight for the routes you need.  More experienced player do have the edge over newbie’s, but during the game it doesn’t feel that way. Newbie’s will feel that  they have a fair chance to win.
This game looks amazing. The map and the carriages are very bright and colourful.  It looks great when the multicoloured trains serpentine through the landscape.
Quality of the game parts
Days of Wonder is known for its high-quality components. Ticket to Ride is no exception. 
The game looks great when it’s on your table, this is where fun begins. It lures players to the game. The rules are easy, you can jump right in. Already in your first game, you’re making plans in your head. First I’m going to do this, than that. But don’t forget to thwart your opponent, they will bug you too. There are just enough decisions to be made to make the game fun for gamers and non-gamers alike. When the game is done, you want to play again and there are loads of route cards so every game is a new one. This is a great game for the family and a great, maybe the best, gateway game. 


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