Timeline: Inventions Review

The story:
History class all over again.
What you get for your money:
109 cards and the rules.
How do you play the game:
A different kind of history class. At least, I never had to learn when the cork was invented. There are 109 cards with pictures and names of many inventions on the front. On the back of these cards you find the same picture, but you also find the date it was invented. Everybody gets a couple of cards, date side down. One card is placed, date side up, in the middle of the table. On your turn you must choose one of your own cards and place it somewhere along the timeline.
Is it invented before or after the cork? Then you turn the card over and check if the invention is placed correctly. If that’s the case, you leave it there. If not, you discard the card and draw a new one. 
At the start of the game it’s easy, because there’s only one card on the table. Later on, with more cards on the table, it becomes more difficult. The first player to get rid of their cards is the winner of Timeline. 
Timeline has only a few rules and the mechanisms are incredibly simple, so you can play this game with everyone. It doesn’t matter what age or intelligence, gamer, no gamer. If you don’t know something, you just guess and place it in between two inventions you think might have been invented around the same time. You might get lucky. If not, too bad, next turn you try again. You’ve at least learned something. That must give a wonderful sense of accomplishment, or not?  
You draw the cards randomly, so you might draw easy cards one game and difficult ones compared to your opponents during another, but that’s a problem many trivia games have to deal with, isn’t it. 
There is a chance that when you play this game a lot, depending on your memory, you get to know the dates by heart. So the replay value isn’t very high.
Inventions? Well, it’s sort of a trivia game, so there is no real theme here.
The illustrations are quite beautiful. Simple, but beautiful. The cards are very small, which is very adorable, but some people might find it difficult to read them. Especially when you are sitting around a large table.
Quality of the components
The cards are of a good quality, they’re linen. This game comes in a tin, which I do not like.
You might have a storage ‘problem’ when you only have one Timeline game (there are other versions, with other subjects). When you have more, you can stack them nicely, so then the problem probably disappears.
I think this is a very fun casual ‘trivia’ game for the whole family. It plays quick. You can always place one of your cards in between two other cards, so there no chance you can’t ‘answer’ the question.  There will always be surprising inventions, where you think: ‘Really? Was it invented that long ago (or so recently)?’. So, I say it again, whether you like it or not, you do learn something when you play this game. 


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