Where art thou, Romeo? Review

Designer: Michael Eskue

Artist: Adam McIver, Darrel Louder

Publisher: Crash Games
Number of Players: 3-5
Playtime: 5-10 minutes
Price (approx.):2 Euro
The story:
Juliet is looking for Romeo. He is out there. Somewhere. Isn’t he?
What you get for your money:
5 cards and the rules.
How do you play the game:
1 Player takes the role of Juliet and gets the Juliet card. The other players randomly get a card with two characters/ roles on it. One card has Romeo and Count Paris on it. Another has Mercutio and Benvolio. These characters are present in a three player game. Other characters are added when you play with four or five.
Every player, other than Juliet, has to convince Juliet that he is Romeo (or somebody else). This takes place during the 30 seconds lobby period. During that period players can still switch roles, but at the end of the period or whenever a player decides to put his card face down on the table (the role that he wants to be facing him) he cannot.  
At the end of the round Juliet needs to decide if Romeo is present or not and if he is, she needs to announce which player is him. If she chooses the correct Romeo, she gets two points. If she announces that she thinks Romeo is not present and that’s true, she gets one point. When she has chosen the right Romeo, but Mercutio is also present, she gets only one point. If she chooses the wrong person, no points for her.
Different characters have different ways to score points. Romeo gets two points if he gets chosen, but when Mercutio is present he gets only one. Count Paris gets a point when Juliet thinks he is Romeo. Benvolio gets a point when Romeo is not chosen. Mercutio gets two points when Romeo is chosen correctly and then Juliet and Romeo only get one point.
Every round the next player takes the role of Juliet and at the end the player with the most points wins Where art thou Romeo?
I’ve added this game when I backed Council of Verona.
I tried to review this game the same way as I did other games, but I can’t. There are just too few components to say anything meaningful (more than a few words) about the theme, the looks and the quality. It’s the same as CoV, without the colours. Less thematic.
What about the gameplay? You have to convince Juliet you are Romeo. You can lie, or not. Then Juliet chooses someone, based on your little speech or just totally random. Players get points. Done. Next.
It is just a silly, quick and very cheap card game. For three dollars they’ll send it to you, wherever you are. That’s cool.
I don’t know if I like it. A bit too random for my taste, but I don’t hate it. I just know that it left me with a big question mark on my forehead. That mark never left. I’m still on the fence. I will probably never play it again. Although, if anyone asks about it, I will play it with a smile. It takes only five minutes.
It’s too small to be called a filler. Maybe a game to play in between fillers? Certainly a fun way to determine who gets to do the dishes or walk the dog? Who gets to choose the next game, maybe?

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