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Carpe Diem Playthrough en Review

We reizen met Stefan Feld, alea en Ravensburger weer af naar het Romeinse Rijk voor een nieuw tegel-leg-spel voor twee tot vier spelers. Carpe Diem, een playthrough en review.

Broom Service the Card Game Review

Zijn grote broer, Spiel des Jahres winnaar Broom Service, heb ik al veel eerder besproken, maar vorig jaar werd Broom Service the Card Game uitgebracht en het spel in dit kleine doosje heb ik ondertussen stiekem bijna evenveel gespeeld als het origineel, dus het wordt eens tijd om het te bespreken.

The Castles of Burgundy Review

As Castles of Burgundy is an older and already well-known game, this is going to be a short review. Many people wrote about the game, made videos and talked about it on podcasts. Why would you read this one? You shouldn’t. It’s just another write-up from someone who likes the game.

San Juan Review

  When you know Race for the Galaxy is the game I’ve played the most, ever, you might think that San Juan, that is generally considered as a game with similar ideas as Race, but less complex, isn’t a game I would enjoy. I mean, been there, done that. At least that’s what I thought, so I never looked at that game. Until recently, and boy was I wrong.     To be entirely […]

Castles of Burgundy The Card Game Review

Castles of Burgundy The Card Game from Stefan Feld is the first game in the new Alea ‘Very Small Box’ series. It’s small indeed. With a few tiny cards it tries to create the same atmosphere as its brother in the big box. Does it succeed?

Broom Service Review

Don’t you hate it when you really want to put a nice root based potion in your witch’s brew and you have none? The feeling you get when you open your potion cabinet, and there’s nothing there? Well, we have the solution. Call our highly-rated Broom Service. We have the best potions in the land. Call us within the next hour and you’ll receive a beautiful leather flask holder for free. Wow! Call zero […]