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Top 10 Interessante Spiel 2017 Uitbreidingen

Uitbreidingen zijn voor mij lastig om te beoordelen. Vaak speel ik spellen niet vaak genoeg om het aanschaffen van een uitbreiding voor een spel te verantwoorden. Maar ja, die keren dat je dat spel speelde was het wel erg leuk, dus met het hebben van meer van iets goeds is toch niks mis? En voor die prijs…

CV – Gossip Review

Earlier I shared my thoughts on the excellent dice roller from Granna games called CV. There’s a small expansion for this game, which adds a whole lot of Gossip to your life. Is it worth checking out? Here’s a short review.

Cacao Chocolatl Review

I consider Cacao a nice tile laying game for the whole family. It’s a step up from Carcassonne, although it has, besides having tiles, nothing to do with that game. Cacao is more like a worker placement game in tile form. Cacao Chocolatl is an expansion that adds a couple of modules. Some of them really add something to the game, some not so much. The first module is the map module. Normally the […]

Roll for the Galaxy – Ambition Review

When you roll dice you have to have ambition, you got to aim high. No, not that high, not that high!

Concordia Salsa Review

Great games, or games that sell, often get expansions. You get more of something good. In Concordia Salsa you get salt, you get special powers and you get more maps. Is it any good? Overview A month ago I reviewed Concordia, a game from Mac Gerdts. This is a fantastic game and if you want to know why, you can check out the review. Concordia Salsa is an expansion and it contains three new […]

Bruges: The City on the Zwin Review

Good games need expansions, right? Or are games good because they don’t need to expanded? I don’t know, my brain hurts. Why such difficult questions? I only know that Bruges is a game I like and there’s this expansion, which I’ve played, called City on the Zwin. Do I like this one too? Do you need to buy it? Well, I wrote this review to answers those questions, so you might want to read […]

12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy Review

Four new worlds opened up. This expansion takes you into the mythical and mystical realms of Ancient Greece, Egypt with its pyramids, the Kievan Empire and the legendary Golden Caliphate. With these realms come new heroes, but also new threats and enemies. You can go on exciting missions that tell you a different story and give you different goals every other game. Are you ready for a new challenge? Overview What do you get for […]

Machi Koro: Haven Recensie

Een recensie van Machi Koro: Haven, uitgegeven door White Goblin Games en ontworpen door Masao Suganuma. Recensie De spelmechanismen Deze uitbreiding lost een aantal problemen op die ik met het basis spel (Machi Koro) had. De nieuwe opzet, de variabele markt, zorgt ervoor dat het spel wat dynamischer en minder voorspelbaar wordt. Dit maakt het voor mij beter. Door de nieuwe opzet moet je nu het meeste uit de kaarten halen die te koop […]