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Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra Review

Een recensie van Azul – Stained Glass of Sintra ontworpen door Michael Kiesling , met illustraties van Chris Quilliams en uitgegeven door Next Move Games.

Top 10 Gateway Games

Collecting them, reading articles and watching videos about them, but most of all playing them. That’s what we do. We, board gamers. That’s our hobby, that’s our passion as you could say. And what is more fun than to share that enjoyment with other people? Well, it’s the best, but as you might know, it is not always easy. There are rules to learn, there are new mechanisms to discover and not every game […]

Clover Review

A four-leaf clover brings luck to the person who finds it, but you can make your own luck, right? In this game, you play cards in the form of a clover. There are cards with a long-term effect and there are ones with a short-term effects. Will you be the first player to get rid of all his cards? Clover, a family style card game from Rielekst. A little thwarting doesn’t harm anybody… Overview: […]

Coney Island Review

Overview: The story: ‘Mom!! Look at that guy! He just made a whole rabbit disappear!!’ The large crowd was driven apart. ‘Come and see!’ A big man with a top hat, standing on an open cart, pulled by an emaciated mule, was passing through, the man’s large moustache blowing in the wind, like a bird in flight. ‘Come and see! Come and see! Wonderful freaks of nature! The two-headed woman! The winged pig and […]

Noah Review

Overview: The story: Look at it! Look at it! It’s so cute! I do not care if it rarely reproduces. It’s sooooo adorable. Kick the elephant out and get that panda on my boat! Immediately. What you get for your money: 55 cards, 5 scoring tokens, 1 Noah token, 4 parts of a scoring track puzzle and the rules. How do you play the game: This is a game about Noah, so it’s probably no […]

Telestrations Review

Overview: The story: Are you that guy who can only draw stick figures and smiley faces? The houses, cars and trees you draw are completely out of proportion? And the dog that you’ve just drawn just begs to be killed? What if there was a game where you can exploit these dubious talents? What you get for your money: 100 double-sided cards, 8 dry erase booklets, 8 dry erase markers, 8 wipes, 1 sand […]

Wits & Wagers Review

  Overview: The story: PARTY!! Christmastime, with the whole family, all together. ‘Who wants to play a game?!’ Heads turn. ‘I’ve got this trivia game. Great fun.’  You see that everyone thinks: ‘OK, could be fun. We don’t have anything better to do, do we?’  Your aunt does have something better to do and stands up to refill her glass with more wine. The other family members, it’s too late for them, team up […]

Saboteur Review

Designer: Frederic Moyersoen Publisher: 999 Games Number of Players: 3-10 Playtime: 30 minutes Price (approx.): 10 Euro Dwarves dig deep. They want gold. And fast. At least most of them. A minority just wants to run through the mines, dig in wrong directions, destroy tunnels and wreck tools. Who are they? No one knows. Overview: What you get for your money: A small box: 110 playing cards and the rules. How do you play […]