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How to Rob a Bank Review

Het bestaat nog steeds. Het romantische idee van een bankroof. Samen op zijn Oceans Elevens een kluis in om er, zonder enig spoor achter te laten natuurlijk, met een enorm geldbedrag vandoor te gaan. Het vliegtuig in. Naar een ver en warm oord. Met een cocktail op het strand. 

Akrotiri Review

Akrotiri is an ancient port town on the Greek island of Thera. In this two-player game with the same name, from Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim, you are explorers and with a number of secret maps in your possession, you sail across the Aegean sea in search of long-lost Minoan temples. Find the islands described on your maps, excavate these legendary buildings and wealth and fortune will find you. Overview: What do you get for […]

Kickstarter Preview: SNITCH!

SNITCH!, from Karl Fenner and Common Man Games, is a game about gathering information to make a case against the King Pin. The pressure is high, the public wants her head, it’s been going on too long. The terror has to end. Now! This is a PnP preview of the game. I do not know how readily available the PnP version of this game will be, but I hope this preview will help you decide if […]

Mount Everest Review

You’ve done it all. You’ve climbed every mountain, no peak is too high. Time to retire? No, no! One last job. The challenge of challenges: to drag fat tourists up a mountain, to the top of the world: Mount Everest. Overview: What you get for your money: A double-sided board with an easy and a hard side, 10 guide boards (2 of each colour), 15 pawns (3 of each colour), 10 camp tiles (2 […]