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Played at Spiel ’15 – Some Quick Reviews – part two

Last Friday you could read about the first three games I played at Spiel ’15. Here’s the second part with Inhabit the Earth, Dice City and more.

Played at Spiel ’15 – Some Quick Reviews – part one

I haven’t played a lot of games at Spiel ’15. I was only there for two days, but I will share my thoughts about a few of them with you. Here’s the first batch with Carcassonne: Star Wars, Pitch Fleet and Casting.

Played in July 2015

July. What a month! It falls just between June and August and I don’t want everybody to know, it’s a bit of a hidden gem, but it’s the perfect month to relax and enjoy life around here. So, I played some games and I want to talk about them here.   Cleopatra’s Caboose There’s a lot going on in this game and when you read the rules or somebody explains it to you, the […]

Played in June 2015

June? What? It’s August! Sorry. A month late, I kind of forgot about this segment, but here are a couple of games I played in June 2015. This month was not the best months in terms of gaming, but I played a couple of good ones. In this segment I tell you what I think about the first Spiel des Jahres winner, a game with stunning components and a game that made it into my Top 10 of 2014. Wow, what a show.

Played in May 2015

I only played one game in may 2015 that I’m not going to review later or have already reviewed in the past. So this new edition of Played in… is going to be a rather short one. However, I don’t want to withhold you my initial thoughts of Abraca…What?, a spell casting game from Gun-Hee Kim, after one play. Abraca…What? In this family style deduction game you are trying to cast spells. You can […]

Played in April 2015

April was a good month. I played some older games for the first time, some newish games that I wanted to play for a while and an old favourite. There were some successes and some misses and I’ll give you a short description of some of them below. Colt Express Fighting each other on a moving train, punching, shooting and stealing valuables in western style, that’s what it is. That’s what you do in Colt […]

Played in March 2015

March wasn’t the best gaming month for me according to the amount of games I played, but I have play some very good (older) ones, so it’s quality over quantity this month. That’s how it always should be probably. Here’s a short impression of a couple of the games I played in March 2015 The Castles of Burgundy I played this game from Stephan Feld once before, a while ago. I really liked it, […]