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Inspecteur Hoogstraten – Diamantbeurs Review

Een recensie van het spel Inspecteur Hoogstraten, ontworpen door Daniel Badraun, met illustraties van Denis Martynets en uitgegeven door White Goblin Games.

Legacy of Dragonholt Review

Soms komt er iets voorbij in spellenland waar je, hoewel het misschien niet echt in je straatje past, van denkt: ‘Dit wil ik wel eens proberen’. Dit was ook het geval bij Legacy of Dragonholt, een roleplaying game zonder Dungeon Master in de wereld van Runebound en Battlelore; Terrinoth.

Broom Service Review

Don’t you hate it when you really want to put a nice root based potion in your witch’s brew and you have none? The feeling you get when you open your potion cabinet, and there’s nothing there? Well, we have the solution. Call our highly-rated Broom Service. We have the best potions in the land. Call us within the next hour and you’ll receive a beautiful leather flask holder for free. Wow! Call zero […]

One Play Post: Number One

In this segment I talk about games I’ve played for the first time. I won’t talk about games I own myself, but games that I’ll probably only play once or not very often for whatever reason. If I get the chance to play them a couple more times, I will also review them. For now, here are my thoughts.    Trains (AEG) Last game day I’ve played a four-player game of Trains and it […]

Mr. Jack in New York Review

November 1888: Dr. Francis Tumblety, an American quack got arrested by the Metropolitan Police on charges of gross indecency. He was bailed some time later, fled to France and then took a steamboat across the Atlantic to New York city. In a letter from Chief Inspector Littlechild to a journalist years later, he mentioned the name of the doctor as a possible suspect of having committed the “Jack the Ripper” murders. Did they let […]

Mr. Jack Review

  The hunt is on. Jack is on the run. Eight investigators are chasing this brutal killer through the streets of Whitechapel. Oh, but the cunning Mr. Jack disguised himself as one of them. Are you who you say you are? Overview: What you get for your money: A board, 9 wooden disks, 6 gaslight tiles, 2 covered manhole tiles, 2 police cordon tokens, 8 character tiles, 8 alibi tiles, 1 witness tile and […]