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Roll for the Galaxy Review

Long awaited, but now it’s finally here. Roll for the Galaxy from Tom Lehman, Wei-Hwa Huang and Rio Grande Games. It’s, kind of, the dice version of Race for the Galaxy, a game I really, really like. You settle planets, improve your technologies and harvest the goods you’ll find on distant worlds. All this is possible because you’ve rolled your cup with multicoloured dice, lots of them. Is this going to be another winner? […]

Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm Review

Overview: The story: The Gathering storm. The prelude to the inevitable: WAR! What you get for your money: A couple of new cards: 4 start worlds, 10 new world cards, 1 replacement Gambling world card, 8 developments cards, 9 player cards for a fifth player and  18 black cards. Some more victory point tokens: 7×1, 1×5, 1×10 and eight new 3 VP chips. You also get 4 “most” and 6 “first” goals. Plus, you […]

Among the Stars: The Ambassadors Review

The reconstruction of space stations is a tougher task than expected. But do not despair, Ambassadors from all races are on the way. Use their knowledge wisely.   Overview: What do you get for your money? Again, lots of card. 48 Ambassador and 30 bureau cards. You also get 60 new basic locations, 30 new special locations and 4 new objectives. 1 new race is added to the mix, the Exodai. Plus, 10 location […]

Race for the Galaxy Review

Designer: Thomas Lehmann Publisher: Rio Grande Games Number of Players: 2-4 Playtime: 30 minutes Price (approx.): 30 Euro     In a distant future we have expanded far beyond our current boundaries. Our technology is much more advanced than it is now. We’ve discovered new worlds, seen strange organisms, found rare elements and on some of our expeditions we’ve seen hints of an advanced alien race. Abandoned ships, planets and writings that we cannot read.. What does […]

Among the Stars Review

The universe has been ravaged by a terrible war. Death and destruction were the rule rather than the exception. But peace is on the horizon. All major races have been united in the Alliance. The first task of that alliance is to repair what has been destroyed, starting with the many space stations. Overview: What do you get for your money? Lots of (square) cards, 152 to be precise. A score board, with 4 […]