Tag: Two player

Hive Review (+ 3 expansions)

      Bugs on my window, trying to get in. They don’t go nowhere. Waiting, waiting. Bugs on my ceiling. Crowded the floor. Standing, sitting kneeling. A few block the door. Do I kill them? Become their friend?   Overview: What you get for your money: 22 Bakelite pieces (11 black and 11 white). How do you play the game: Hive is about real bugs, it’s not a metaphor for something entirely different. […]

Lost Cities Review

The Lost Cities need to be found. You, a great explorer, are going to try that. You travel through hot deserts, damp forests and over Himalayan mountains. Overview: What you get for your money: 60 cards, one small board and the rules. How do you play the game: A simple game about rows of cards. Five expeditions in five colours with cards numbered from 2 to 10 and with three investment cards per expedition.  […]

Targi Review

For centuries, the Tuareg are living in the Sahara region. The men, veiled, and the women, who are very important, have a nomadic lifestyle, living in tents and heavily depending on trade, livestock breeding and agriculture. Salt is an important commodity and dates and dried meat are too. Overview What you get for your money Cards: 45 tribal cards, 19 commodity cards and 16 border cards. Date, salt and pepper tokens, ten of each. […]

King & Assassins Review

Designer:  Łukasz Woźniak Publisher: Galakta Number of Players: 2 Playtime: 20 minutes Price (approx.): 25 Euro  An evil king has returned from a pleasant hunting trip, while he just raised the taxes a week ago. His knights are on his side. On the streets, the mood is very agitated. The people are stirring. Riots might break out. Whispers of murder. The king is stubborn, he does not want to see it. He decides to […]

Urbion Review

Designer: Shadi Torbey Publisher: Z-Man Games Number of Players: 1-2 Playtime: 15 minutes Price (approx.):  10 Euro Good and bad dreams live in harmony in the city of Equilibrion. You must keep it that way, but beware, chaos is lurking around the corner.  Overview: What you get for your money: The rules and 106 cards. How do you play the game: There are basically three types of cards in the base game: City, Dream […]